From refreshing juices, to fresh smoothies, to nutrient-rich acai bowls, there’s something for every person and every appetite at Berrí Bar.

About Us

Berri Bar has innovated the first ever design-driven acai, turning the world’s #1 superfruit into a customizable, elevated essential of modern living.

Made ready to order with impeccable precision and unmatched speed, berri bar delivers extraordinary signature and customized acai creations to be indulged.

Greg Bennati, founder of Berri Bar

Greg’s early travels between his illustrious hometown of Venice, Italy, and fast paced Miami South Beach gave him the rare gift of cosmopolitan modernity from an early age. This propensity soon blossomed into a global lifestyle that infused Greg with a wealth of cultural influence, taste, and decorum.

The confidence and flourish that such a cultural upbringing imparted in Greg was striking, especially in Miami Beach where Greg distinguished himself as one of Miami’s most respected lifestyle leaders, as recognized by the Miami Herald, Haute Living, and other authorities.

In his aim to translate his dynamic modern vision into a concept that could transcend his persona, Greg founded Berri Bar, the first design-driven Acai brand. A lot like Greg in its cosmopolitan influences and modernism, Berri Bar draws the most delicious international ingredients and packages them into a sleek, avant-garde concept that fits Miami’s fast paced, on the go lifestyle.

With such perfect harmony between vision and design, Greg is proud to introduce Berri Bar to the Miami Market and looks forward to elevating your quality of life through its unique and loveable creations.


Berri Bar refreshes, Replenishes, and awakens a high-spirited, Pleasure rich approach to life. inspired by beautiful climate, exhilarating taste, and the life force of feeling your very best, berri bar transcends the scope of a brand and offers itself to the world in the form of an experience.

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